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Millennial Career and Relationship

Skills and Support Group

Click here to inquire or join by contacting Nate


In an open discussion create what you're wanting in your relationships and your career


Fear has us pause and not take the actions that connect us to what we want. In this group learn to have fear and act anyway to make your connections


Through group process and support you'll find the courage to commit to your new goals and work through the struggle of commitment and find strength to take action.


Become aware of your own inner disbelief  by sharing with others allows you to take on a whole new way of believing in yourself and whats possible for you. This core belief in your true self creates a foundation for you to not be limited by failures in actions you take, but to learn and grow from them.


An 8 Session Bi-Weekly Group starting in September 26th 7:15-8:45. The total cost is $240 which can be paid at once or weekly for $30 per session. 


This will be a group open to individuals who identify as a millennial working on career and relationship. There will be 6 participants and Nate will lead the group. 


This will be a skills based process group where we will have a focus on the skills such as networking and connecting, however we will dive into group process to see what's really stopping you from taking the actions you know will make the difference. 


This will be an in person group that will either meet  in my Mount Airy office on 36 E Mount Airy ave or at my nature therapy office which is in a yurt like open screened tent on a private property that abuts the Wissahickon Forest. 


To begin taking real actions towards creating the relationships and career you love. 


Contact Nate to see if this group is a good fit for you 

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